The main objective in the creation of the Unit is to control and follow-up the execution of the geophysical studies at the project sites in order to assure the good quality of the final product. For this reason, all the consultants/contractors must have the approval from the concerned department in the Municipality. The contractor is also requested to use the different geophysical methods to describe the subsurface conditions.

 One of the Unit’s tasks of the qualified personnel of the units is to site visit and follow-up the geophysical investigation, in order to assure the correct implementation of the approved methodology. In addition, the Unit is always searching for the best technology and applications in the geophysical field in order to find new and modern alternative for the present one which will eventually save time and money for the owners.


 The objectives of the Geophysical Unit can be summarized as follow:

Make sure that all of Al-Ain Municipality requirements have been observed
Follow-up and supervise the field survey to check whether the approved methodology has been implemented in the survey.
Checking the final results
Approving the final results
Building a database in Al-Ain municipality in this field

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