Registration & Documents

Al Ain City Municipality welcomes the companies and institutions wishing to participate with them to reinforce the relationship between the public and private sectors, where the first step of the cooperation and participation starts by completing the registration process, after the success of the registration process the company will be added to the suppliers database of Al Ain Municipality, which is used to select the suppliers who have the ability to provide materials and services necessary to meet the needs and requirements of the department to participate through tenders and auctions and other transactions.

Please make sure the below documents are available and ready for attachment while registering:

  1. Valid commercial license.

  2. Valid Certificate of Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

  3. Supporting documents for commercial agencies (if any).

  4. Authenticated signature of the person authorized to sign.

  5. A certified letter of delegation to sign if the signatory is not the owner.

  6. A valid passport of the owner of the company / organization and partners.

  7. Company/ Organization bank account(issued by the bank or stamped and signed by the authorized person in the company / organization).

  8. A letter of registration request stamped and signed from the company.

  9. Download and fill out the registration form. To download the registration form please Click here.

  10. Medical Insurance Certificate from insurance company under the company / organization name and workers.

  11. A comprehensive report about the company / organization from the Ministry / office of Labour.

  12. Employees Housing Contracts.

  13. A list of the sponsors and sponsored / residency of employees under the name of the company / organization from the Residency and Foreigners affairs / Passports.


For inquiries, please communicate with the Registration Unit during official working hours (from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm):

Telephone # : +971 (3) 7127242

Telephone #: +971 (3) 7127132


The Government of Abu Dhabi has directly committed itself to strengthen and develop four key priority areas:

  1. Ian
    Economic Development
  2. Sandra
    Social & human resources development
  3. Ian
    Infrastructure development & enviormental sustanbility 
  4. Ian
    Optimisation of goverment operations

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