Abu Dhabi Corniche Beach

Beach Opening Hours

  • 07:00 AM – 12:00 (PM For public zones)
  • 07:00 AM – 10:00 PM (For Family Beach and Sahil Beach)

Swimming Times

  • From 07:00 AM To Sunset

About the Beach

Abu Dhabi Corniche Beach, which is one of the key tourist destinations in Abu Dhabi, was opened on 7 July 2008. It is parallel to the Corniche street starting from the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and extends up to the St Regis Hotel. It is one of Abu Dhabi's most beautiful beaches thanks to the infrastructure and landscaped areas designed in an orderly and beautiful fashion. This has given it special character and unique glamor among the world's beaches with picturesque scenes, charming views, attractive nature and distinctive services on offer to Beach Guests . The beach is divided into five sections: a Family Beach Section that welcomes families, children and ladies. No unaccompanied men are allowed entrance, the West Plaza area that is a free open public beach, Al Sahil beach that is a paid beach that welcomes any guests without restriction, the East Plaza Beach and the Western Extension beach that are both free to enter public beaches.

Abu Dhabi Corniche meets a specific standards relating to environment information, education, water quality, security, services and environment management; which have enabled the Corniche to obtain the Blue Flag Certification in April 2011 and has been proudly maintained for the past four years.

Beach Facilities

  • Children Playground
  • Volleyball Courts
  • Basketball Court
  • Football  Playgrounds
  • Men Prayer Room
  • Women Prayer Room
  • Beach Library
  • Tourist Police Office
  • Community Police Office
  • Abu Dhabi City Municipality Office

Commercial Outlets

  • Special Juice Bar
  • BAKE
  • Baskin Robbins
  • Yogo Day
  • SAJ2GO
  • Cold Stone Creamery
  • Cinnabon
  • Nova Café
  • Rosina Bellina
  • Cafe Brasiliera
  • BYKY


  • Public Address System System
  • Free Shuttle Bus Every Half Hour (Can Accommodate Up To 30 Passengers)
  • First Aid Room
  • Bathrooms
  • Water Showers
  • Changing Rooms
  • ATM
  • Signboards & Facilities For Special Needs (Floating Chair)
  • Lifeguard Team
  • Security Personnel
  • Cleaners

More Corporate Social Responsibility


A comprehensive approach that ensures sustainable development and enhances the quality of life in the emirate and enables it to establish a sustainable urban environment that boasts the best levels of security, environment, health and safety.


The Department and municipalities are committed to achieving sustainable development, protecting and preserving...


The Abu Dhabi City Municipality has received the MVO8000 Certificate and the ISO26000 Community Responsibility Guide, which is an important international recognition of community responsibility in any institution.