Asematy” is an initiative launched under the patronage of her highness Shaikhah Fatima bint Mubarak; supreme chairperson of the Family Development Foundation and chairwoman of the UAE General Women's Union, by the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City as part of its efforts to maintain the health, safety and security of the community and the environment, as well as to improve the capital’s unique aesthetic appearance by keeping it clean and beautiful...

Asematy initiative objectives:

  1. Improve the city’s appearance
  2. Community engagement with the general public and private companies
  3. Raise public awareness of the risks these damages present and their negative impact on residential neighborhoods
  4. Create a healthy and clean environment

Definition of Damages:

Any act, action, or harm that deforms the city’s general appearance is considered damage, whether caused by natural factors or human behavior.

Types of Damages:

Random Planting: These pose a threat to the infrastructural foundation of buildings and roads, and form an environmental hazard leading to the spread of pests inside and around neighborhoods. Any plantation that was not made through the Municipality or that does not comply with urban planning. Systematic Planting: trimming of trees that leads to low visibility on the roads or block lights or paths.


Damage to asphalt, sidewalks, paint on curbstones and pedestrian crossings, traffic signals, road signs and street lamps.

General Appearance:
Writing on walls, unlicensed caravans and structures, illegal use of outdoor spaces, and deteriorating buildings.


The Government of Abu Dhabi has directly committed itself to strengthen and develop four key priority areas:

  1. Ian
    Economic Development
  2. Sandra
    Social & human resources development
  3. Ian
    Infrastructure development & enviormental sustanbility 
  4. Ian
    Optimisation of goverment operations

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The Abu Dhabi City Municipality was established in 1962 as the "Department of Abu Dhabi Municipality and Town Planning".

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Our Vision is to be recognised as an efficient world class Municipal System ensuring sustainable development and enhancing the quality of life criteria for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

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