Al Ain city Municipality constitutes one of several departments within the Municipal Affairs Authority. It is a government institution basically directed to serve Al Ain Area, which covers Al Ain City and the neighboring outskirts.

Al Ain  city Municipality Department was established in 1967. An Emiri Decree was issued in 1974 AD to control and regulate the city's affairs. It was after that date that Al Ain Municipality started to function as a government department that is directed to provide wide range services to Al Ain City.

Al Ain  city Municipality stands as a leading institution of development in the area. This is due to the role it plays and the programs and services it renders for improving the quality of life to the highest possible standards.

Al Ain city Municipality has also projected a clear strategy based on a vision entitled, "A Distinguished Municipality and an Enduring Development for the City of Oases". This strategy is expected to be implemented through "Providing such distinguished municipal services and advanced infrastructure to Al Ain City and the surrounding areas, by qualified staff and advanced systems, while taking into account the peculiarity and genuineness of the City", abiding in the same time by the values stemming from heritage, leadership, credibility, quality, innovation, participation and community service within the aims of this strategy.


Our Vision

An Emirate city with sustainable and integrated urban developed system and outstanding municipal services for the welfare and happiness of the Society.

Our Mission

Support growth and urban development within the Emirate, in order to guide, regulate and control the process of urban development and upgrading of municipal work to provide adequate services and decent living conditions for all inhabitants.



Forward Thinking: Our ability to predict the future by exploring and working on innovative and creative images to produce a paradigm shift in accordance with expectations and aspirations in order to achieve satisfaction.

Innovation: Cultivate the spirit of initiative and innovation as well as achieving excellence in all our work, projects and our services as provided to our customers.

Transparency: Clarify all decisions, policies, tasks, procedures, data, information, knowledge and make it easy for all concerned parties.

Engagement: We work as one team through fellowship coordination and active participation with all internal and external stakeholders

Empowerment: Empower employees by developing competencies and skills, and providing developed systems, motivation and strengthen their confidence and their ability to decide what ensures their contribution in achieving the objectives of the municipality

Positivity: Reinforce happiness and positive culture as a method of work within our systems and policies  and among our initiatives and services through all the possibilities and energies to delight customers and society

Performance oriented: Municipal staff capacity to enhance the quality of work by utilizing all of their skills and competencies to accomplish tasks and service efficiently and effectively to achieve the ultimate satisfaction


The Government of Abu Dhabi has directly committed itself to strengthen and develop four key priority areas:

  1. Ian
    Economic Development
  2. Sandra
    Social & human resources development
  3. Ian
    Infrastructure development & enviormental sustanbility 
  4. Ian
    Optimisation of goverment operations

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